In 1950 Mr. Aimo Barbieri started the first family business – a wine press for Lambrusco grapes, collected from hundreds of small grape growers in the areas surrounding Modena and Reggio Emilia.

In 1983, the Barbieri family expanded its activities by acquiring some vineyards in Central and Northern Italy.

The new generation joined the family business in the 90’s, and further expanded the scope of its activities by adding bottling services, and purchasing a large bottling facility to this end..

Maranello Wines is the product of the Barbieri family’s tradition and passion for making wine. Founded by Bruno Barbieri and headquartered in Modena, the new company, Maranello Wines, now specializes in the production and sale of sparkling wines under the ‘Maranello’ brand, as well as of still wines under the ‘Cantina Del Duca’ brand.



Drawing inspiration from their founder’s passion, the Barbieri family has been producing fine wines for many years, and is proud of offer a range of the most successful Italian wines. Their goal is to allow wine lovers all over the world to enjoy a good glass of wine at an affordable price.


While quality is always our first priority, we are also very careful in our choice of packaging, sales and distribution channels, and the partners with whom we work globally.


We offer wines from the most famous wine-making regions in Italy. The Barbieri family is native to the rich, fertile Emilia-Romagna countryside, from where many famous Italian foods come- such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, tagliatelle and tortellini, balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco wine, etc. 


Maranello wines closely monitors foreign markets, and carefully addresses specific needs, tailoring its product selection for every client, while also staying true to its origins and Italian wine tradition.


Attuned to the new trends emerging in Italy and abroad, we are always keen to innovate and differentiate our products. Recently, for instance, in order to meet growing demand for non-alcoholic beverages, Maranello Wines developed a new line of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, which comes in colorful, elegant packaging. This allows everyone to join a toast- including kids!


We are experienced in serving both the Off-Trade and On-Trade channels in Italy and several other countries.


Flexibility is important to us and we are happy to tailor solutions to meet specific needs, developing new projects and special labels for our customers.


The cultivation of grapes in Italy is fragmented and scattered across thousands of small vineyards. By partnering with select grower coops, Maranello Wines produces a wide range of Italian wines from different geographic areas.

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