On our website of MARANELLO WINES we provide a Business to Business (B2B) page where you can see all our products pricelist and calculate a quotation of the transport costs based on different configurations and destinations.

You can choose among the following options:

Choice of the collection point of the goods

It's possible to choose among the following options: 

1. Ex Works (EXW): goods collected by our warehouse, no transport fees applied

2. Free on Board (FOB): goods delivered to the Italian port from where the shipping boat leaves. The freight cost applied is for the carriage of the container from Maranello Wines warehouse to the departure port.

3. Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF): goods delivered in container directly to the port of destination chosen by customer. The applied fee is the sum of the freight and insurance costs for the delivery of the goods until the arrival port.

4. Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU): the product is delivered by pallets directly to the customer's warehouse; taxes and excises applicable in the country of destination remain at customer's charge. The costs applied are those of transport and related insurance until customer's warehouse.

Choice of the type of containers/means of transport for the delivery (transport).

It's possible to choose among the following options:

Delivery by Pallet: the goods are ordered and delivered on pallet of sizes cm 80x120x170H(about). This type of delivery is possible in the following cases:

- EXW from the Italian warehouse of Maranello Wines. The custom procedures are customer's responsibility.   

- DDU for deliveries within the European Community and only in the European nations where the custom and excise procedures in the country of destination can be managed from the freight company. The current EC custom laws allow in some European countries that the freight company manages the custom procedures, without the obligation for the customer to own an excise code and a bounded warehouse. Thanks to this option we can delivery our wines directly to wholesalers and retailers who don't have and/or don't want to open an excise account.

Delivery by Container:

- container of 20' with goods loaded on pallets (standard 80x120 or fumigated) or without pallets (loose)

- container of 40' with goods loaded on pallets

The quantity of pallets, cases and bottles which can be loaded in the two types of containers with or without pallets are indicated in the "B2B - Shopping cart", where you can log in after the registration.

Summary of the different transport and delivery combinations

Delivery terms EXW DDU FOB


On Pallet



in Container 20' o 40'

yes   yes yes

Accessing the B2B page 

To access the B2B page you need to sign up by filling the form with the following details:

- full name

- company name

- company headquarters address

- e-mail address

Within 24/48 you will receive an e-mail with your password to enter the B2B page where you can see all our products and prices and evaluate a possible purchase.

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